Cubase in Schools and Colleges

Cubase in Schools and Colleges

Audio Support has over 10 years experience supporting schools and colleges all over the UK with their music technology requirements. The majority of our enquiries are about problems with Cubase running on school networks.

Common problems

  • No sound from Cubase
  • Keyboards losing connection with Cubase
  • Cubase taking a very long time to close
  • Plugins disappearing from Cubase
  • Cubase not loading files
  • Cubase not allowing new recordings to be made

The majority of these issues are to do with the way Cubase installs on a network and the way Cubase expects its default file structure to be laid out on the computer.

Every school network is different and the solutions to these issues will vary. An Audio Support technician can tell you what has worked in other schools and they will work with the your IT team to create a custom solution that works for you.

Someone from the your IT team will need to be available to work closely with the Audio Support technician for the day.

Our rate is £400 per day (plus travel outside of London.)

From past experience, we know that these issues can usually be resolved within a day. More time is sometimes required, particularly when Cubase or other software needs to be re-installed. Where possible, your Audio Support technician will provide a clear set of instructions that will allow the solution to be fully implemented by your IT team.

For more information or to book a visit email or call us on 0208 249 3168.