Frequently Asked Questions: Phone Support

How do I know how many hours to book?

Simply submit a support request or give us a call and our experienced staff can give you a rough idea of the time needed based on your description of the issues you are experiencing.

Can I book less than an hour?

Unfortunately not. Our technicians run on a tight schedule and the only way to keep the whole thing ticking is by booking support calls in advance and in 1-hour blocks.

How do I make a booking?

The quickest and easiest way is to book online. Simply use the links at the bottom of each product page to add a session to your basket, then go through the checkout process. During this process, you can specify your preferred dates and times. We always aim to give clients their first choice, although this will be subject to the availability of our technicians. You can also give us a call and make a booking over the phone with one our of friendly staff.

How do I pay?

Payment is required in advance for all sessions. This can be done through the website as part of the checkout process using a credit or debit card on our secure payment servers. If you prefer to pay over the phone, simply give us a call.

What happens after I make a booking?

When you book your support session, we will arrange a time for a technician to call you. You will receive a confirmation email with all the booking details. We will also ask you to either install Skype, or upgrade to the latest version so that we can use the Skype Screen Sharing feature to provide a complete diagnosis. The technician will call you at the agreed time on your landline or mobile number.

What happens on a support call?

The technician will ask for a brief overview of your computer setup and the issues you are experiencing. The technician will make a screen sharing connection over Skype so they can see your screen. If you have any problems installing or setting up Skype the technician can help you at the start of the session. You show and explain your problems to the technician and they will talk you through the solution

What happens if it takes less than an hour?

In some cases all issues are resolved before the hour is complete. In this case the technician is available to offer further advice on tuning up your computer, give software tuition or answer questions on any aspect of music technology.

What happens if it takes more than an hour?

Any extension of the hour is at the technician’s discretion. We often give a few minutes extra to make sure our clients are satisfied. If it becomes apparent that more than a few extra minutes are required, additional time can be paid for over the phone in half-hour blocks, subject to the technician’s availability.

How does it work when I book multiple sessions?

The first support call will always be arranged at the time of booking. You are more than welcome to use the subsequent support calls at the same time or they can be arranged for whenever you like. The credit for the remaining calls will never expire, except when the booking was made during a sale period. For multiple sessions at sale prices, please refer to the description before adding the session to your basket for full info.